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Michele Bernhardt is a renowned practitioner of the intuitive arts. A respected healer, astrologer and metaphysician, Michele's unique gifts are regularly sought out by individual clients and companies throughout the world. She is the author of the book COLORSTROLOGY, WHAT YOUR BIRTHDAY COLOR SAYS ABOUT YOU (Quirk/Chronicle). She is the creator and founder of, an interactive website for healing and self-discovery.

Michele Bernhardt

Michele has appeared on PBS, Fox, Bloomberg and Oxygen TV. She has consulted for and worked with corporations and institutions including Bloomberg World News, Neutrogena Corp. Spiegel, L'Oreal, Lexus, Hearst Corporation, Conde Nast and Philosophy. As an author and columnist, she has contributed to many publications including In Style, House Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens, Travel and Leisure, Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, Redbook, Country Living, Fitness, The Miami Herald, Buzz, and Spy. Her daily, weekly, and monthly forecasts have delighted and informed online readers at,,,,, and her own website New York magazine describes her as a "must see phenomenon".

Daughter of a respected Theosophist, granddaughter of a Russian mystic, Michele brings the essence of an ancient body of wisdom into modern times, interpreting it for a new millennium and expressing it in plain and practical terms. Michele practices a multi-disciplinary approach to the intuitive arts, employing a synthesis of meditation, relaxation, astrology, and numerology, as well as sound and color therapies. Often working in tandem with medical professionals and health clinics, supplementing and reinforcing traditional modes of therapy, Michele has used her unique gifts in the treatment of a broad range of maladies and diseases. She has developed a highly regarded meditation program to promote patient healing to alleviate pain and suffering. Her intuitive approach to healing has improved the lives and well being of many people including victims of abuse and those battling addictions. Michele has also developed stress management programs for The Peninsula Spa and The State Bar of California.